GDPR Compliance Programme

It's over 12 months since GDPR came into force. Are you still struggling to get everything into place and be confident your business is well on its way to being compliant?

Many business owners have looked at the requirements of the GDPR and have been unable to navigate their way to achieve compliance - the legislation is overwhelming and unwieldy for someone who doesn't have legal expertise or data protection experience.

This video and resource/document rich supported learning programme will lead you through the process step by step, because you just can't do everything at once.

There are resource downloads, which we refer to as 'Starting Points' because you may want to amend and adapt some of them to fit your business. You also receive access to a support group which can be used to ask our experienced, practical and insured data protection consultants any questions you may have.

In addition you receive access to our document template library which includes the following and more (new resources are added monthly):

  • Data Protection Policy – this outlines your GDPR obligations and provides tools and processes, so you can meet them. This can be personalised so that they exactly meet the needs of your business. For example, the included template policy outlines the process to enable you to comply with the rights that GDPR gives an individual regarding their personal data.
  • Data Inventory/Register form – you can complete this to show what personal data your business processes (collects, uses and stores)
  • Privacy Policy – this is the essential information which you must provide to anyone from whom you collect personal data on your website
  • Consent Guidelines and Suggested Wording – to enable you to get consent to use personal data, for example, for marketing purposes.
  • Individual Rights Form – a form which is completed by anyone wanting to exercise their GDPR rights (for example, the right to see what data you hold about them).
  • Data Sharing Pack – checklist and email dealing with who you share data with
  • Staff Training Record – a record you can use to show who in your business has received GDPR training and information. Don’t forget, that company directors need to keep this record to prove who has received the essential GDPR training across all levels of your business

Your Advisors

LH  Group Team
LH Group Team

Our team specialises in practical business and legal training. You will meet, Steph Barber, Sue Edwards, Bob Edwards and Paul Roy depending on what courses you are viewing. Any queries please email [email protected]

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